Test implementation of FlaggedRevs for the English Wikipedia on en.labs.wikimedia.org
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As we're progressing towards an implementation of flagged protection and patrolled revisions on the English Wikipedia, which uses a modified version of FlaggedRevs, it would be great to have a live implementation on a public wmf wiki, such as testwiki, to run tests and working on improvements. The code is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Flagged_protection_and_patrolled_revisions/Implementation.

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URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Flagged_protection_and_patrolled_revisions/Implementation

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Cenarium created this task.Apr 4 2009, 2:30 AM

My recommendation is to change the configuration of FlaggedRevs at en.labs.wikimedia.org (the site created for testing FlaggedRevs) instead of using test.wikipedia.org.

en.labs.wikimedia.org would be fine too.

Tossing in some CCs to note this. We'll want a little more planning & testing & coordination before rolling out the test config.

Some software updates are live, thanks. A small issue: on testwiki, validating a page doesn't seem to remove it from Special:OldreviewedPages when filtered on level 'sighted', for example see the page sandbox.

We've quasi-finished discussing the configuration for the trial implementation on enwiki, so I'm moving to reopen bug 18244 .

werdna added a comment.Jun 3 2009, 9:21 PM

Clarified bug summary.

As per bug 19107, the configuration will make use of the abuse filter, so it would be preferable to have it enabled on en.labs.wikimedia.org to test there before a rollout on enwiki.

I would also suggest a 'passive' implementation on enwiki prior to the 'active' two-month trial consisting of the full implementation, with the new usergroup 'reviewers' and only the 'patrol' (second level) flag, to give us time to grant reviewers permissions (we'll use updated database reports to pre-select users, then grant after review), and get used to the system before allowing admins to configure stable versioning as described in the url.

Could we have the abuse filter enabled on http://flaggedrevs.labs.wikimedia.org/, to test Special:ProblemChanges ?

Could you also allow admins to assign the confirmed and reviewer usergroup, and deploy the rollbacker group (also assignable by admins) ?

brion added a comment.Oct 8 2009, 6:46 PM

Rob can you poke the abusefilter & wgAddGroups/wgRemoveGroups tweaks per the above two comments? Thanks!

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