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IABot does not insert the default 'title' text
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IABot inserts |title={title} instead of |title=Archivált másolat (example). I have stopped the bot on the Hungarian Wikipedia till we solve the problem.

Every problematic templates were fixed by my bot (548 edits).

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T203961: |title={title}

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Templates were fixed today, we are waiting for v2.0beta10.

Upping the priority because this is a commonly introduced bug with thousands of cases across all languages that may or may not have local bots that can fix it, like with @Bencemac on huwiki and my bot on enwiki. Recommend IABot include code to fix it when it sees it. It's a simple fix but should also account for unusual spacing around the left and right of the "=" sign eg. title = {title}

I bumped into this one today (see reference edit).

@Cyberpower678 A gentle reminder. Could you give us a little update?