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Allow users to disable Page Curation's "I have unreviewed a page you curated" message
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When a user unreviews a page, there is a dialog that allows them to type a message to the reviewer. But even if the box is left blank, a message is sent. It does not seem to be possible to unreview a page without unexpectedly and silently generating a talk page message.

In comparison, the similar functionality for sending messages to page creators on review doesn't place a message if the reviewer opts not to type anything.


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The best solution would simply to have a little check box show up there when ureviewing with "notify previous reviewer?" and a text field to fill in. It should probably be unchecked by default as most reviewers regard this automated message as a nuisance. It could be useful for pointing out errors in reviewing however.

The main issue is that most people aren't even aware that they have sent it. The PC tools give no indication that a message was sent to the previous reviewer, and unless you check your contribs, you'll never know. Optionally, just get rid of the message entirely, as it is usually sent by mistake anyway.

I think the best possible solution would be to prevent a message from being sent when the textarea is empty. It just isn't intuitive for a message to be sent when there wasn't any user-action to explicitly trigger it.

+1, just came to try and request this myself, because I run a bot that marks pages as reviewed and when they are unreviewed it doesn't help to report it to the bot

Was able to reproduce.

Possible approaches:

  1. Have blank text box = no message
  2. Add "no one" to the dropdown box

After reading the comments in this thread, looks like we should probably do # 1.

Could also have a blank text box trigger a ping or notification tray notification instead of a user talk message. I tested it, and there are currently no pings or notification tray notifications triggered, aside from the "you have a user talk message" ping.

We should use notification tray, since that is where the "is reviewed" message is currently put.

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Change 836699 had a related patch set uploaded (by MPGuy2824; author: MPGuy2824):

[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] PageCurationToolbar: Don't send "I have unreviewed a page you curated" message, if text area is empty

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Change 836699 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] PageCurationToolbar: Don't send "I have unreviewed a page you curated" message, if text area is empty

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