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Make optional the message sent to reviewer when marking curated pages as unreviewed
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Problem: has just had an issue where a reviewer was caught paid editing, so much of their new page curation work needed to be undone. Now, their talk page looks like this (a mess with 48+ of the same message repeated).
Solution: Make optional the message a reviewer sends to another reviewer when marking their pages as "unreviewed" (or at least do that for admins).

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Patching T204465 should fix this too. That patch would make a blank text box = no notification.

Patching T204465 should fix this too. That patch would make a blank text box = no notification.

Actually, maybe not. A message is sent when clicking "Mark as unreviewed" too. So there are two buttons in the modal, and both of them send a message. This is counter-intuitive.

I'll probably push forward my patch for T204465, then write a patch for this one that does the following:

  • Adds an option "No one" to the list of people to send the message to.
  • May also want to add an option "Both reviewer and creator".
  • Test that the "Send message" button also marks as reviewed/unreviewed. Then delete one of the two buttons. If first assumption is true, only need one button.

Mark Ward (theologian) is the most obvious example in my unreview log; an admin performed a history split in a such a way as to cause their autopatrolled bit to apply to the split-off article when the true creator wasn't autopatrolled. Another example would be Hansen's small octagon + Where tapere. While in that case one personal message on the reviewers talk page explaining the need to unreview abandoned drafts they move to mainspace would have been useful, two bits of content-free templates aren't (and I'm lucky I caught it at only two articles, there could have been much more). Finally, another case is indigenous science, where I already used the "send message" feature to explain why I was unreviewing the article, so there was no need for a redundant automatic template message saying nothing. @Pppery

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