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Deploy the Commons deletion notification bot on plwiki
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This ticket is for deploying the Commons deletion bot to work on plwiki.

  • Step 1: Ensure all the translations are in place.
  • Step 2: Activate bot. Make 30 trial edits and stop the bot. The community requires this.
  • Step 3: Turn the bot on after community approval.


  • Use without bot flag
  • Don't mark edits as minor

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• Niharika created this task.
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tools.commtech-commons@tools-bastion-03:~/bot$ bin/python
[ . . . ]
Language pl has all messages
[ . . . ]

Enabled, waiting for 30 edits.

Everything looks good for me.

One of our user asked for update of this GitHub page (he put a template in one of the translations on to mark every notification for his bot, what probably will allow him to delete old notifications). Is it possible to do another several test edits after updating the GitHub page?

Translatewiki export messages on Monday and Thursday, however I'm removing their template there because the messages are supposed to be working on all Polish projects, not just Wikipedia, so using templates in bot messages in inappropriate.

Is it possible to change messages for a single project, just like MediaWiki messages, like MediaWiki:Commtech-commons-commtech-commons-discussion-body-start

In my opinion, creating the templates in several projects is not a problem. Besides, the bot currently is tested probably only on one polish project.

30 edits done, the bot is stopped.

• Niharika moved this task from QA to Q1 2018-19 on the Community-Tech-Sprint board.

The bot seems to be working as expected.