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Wikisource OCR is down
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since a few days, it's been impossible to use OCR on wikisource pages. The error message says "ws_ocr_daemon robot is not running. Please try again later.". The problem has been found on frws, and tested the same on enws and laws.

Is it possible to fix this, please ? this is a very useful tool.

The problem happens for Gadgets-ocr.js (maintained under phetools) and not for Gadget-GoogleOCR.js which was developed by Community-Tech.

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@Hsarrazin It should be possible to install the GoogleOCR gadget on frws in the meantime. You can read more on using it here: You can also use this web interface for that tool.

Hi, @Niharika please go through, where its shown "ws_ocr_daemon robot is not running. Please try again later.". The same message. So possible this is not for Gadget-GoogleOCR.js

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Unfortunately, it don't work again.

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A separate task has been filed in T228594, the current problem is probably different than whatever happened in September 2018.