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Meta-wiki sidebar change: header for Wikipedia interwiki box
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look of Wikipedia interwiki box in Meta currently is strange - listed interlanguage links targets to Wiikipedia only, but header is "In other languages". This is confused and may be lead to problems related with implementation of T204076.

Commons settings is more corectly - this pane named as "In Wikipedia":

This is doing by local owerwriting system message "Otherlanguages" (and his translations) - see
(see also the indicative discussion of 2010 -

Proposed changes:

  1. create new set of system messages for headers of interwiki boxes with set of links leading to different language editions of explicitly defined Wikimedia project.
  2. import existed translations (from Commons and Wikidata) and/or genitive rules (by default, if applicable)
  3. implementation this into site settings (Commons, Meta, Wikidata, MediaWiki)
  4. remowing locally owerwrited Otherlanguages/* messages