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Consider moving page translation language links to the sidebar
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Sep 11 2018, 5:51 PM
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Thanks to T64702: Extension:Translate's languages box should look like interwiki language links the Translate extension can now display language links in the sidebar.

The $wgPageTranslationLanguageList configuration variable comes with four options:

  • tag-only: Only display languages with the <languages /> tag.
  • sidebar-only: Display languages as interlanguage links only and ignore the tag even if present on the page.
  • sidebar-fallback: Display languages as interlanguage links if no tag is on the page.
  • sidebar-always: Display languages as interlanguage links and also in tag if it is present on the page.

The extension default option is currently tag-only, to preserve current behavior. Let's use this task to discuss whether we want to use one of the other options on Wikimedia sites, and when/how to do it if so.



  • can be used if we want to consistently have the language links in the sidebar
  • will mix interlanguage and page translation links together, and compact language links feature will be confused by duplicate language codes


  1. What happens to pages with regular interlanguage links
    1. We think the links will show up mixed together, compact language links feature is likely to not work well with "duplicate" language codes
  2. What happens to the admin actions
    1. They will stay in their current place at the top of the page
  3. What happens on mobile views
    1. There should be no difference (pending confirmation via testing)
  4. How was this designed/come up with
    1. commit message has some information. It was implemented as an experiment to address a frequently asked feature. There is/was also a competing unreviewed patch to address "the issue" in other way.

Preview in the Timeless skin

image.png (1×2 px, 544 KB)

Event Timeline

There is question about new look: this is designed identically with interwiki language links pane.

But what about the pages that have both translations and interwiki? For example, (as comparision with
How will they differ on the same page? Currently used these same message from header?

image.png (898×1 px, 217 KB)

Small note: look of bottom interwiki box in Meta currently is strange - listed interlanguage links targets to Wiikipedia only, but header is "In other languages"

Commons settings is more corectly:

image.png (1×516 px, 144 KB)

This pane named as "In Wikipedia"

In these settings new box with header like "In other languages" will come here quite clearly.

See also T205071

What is the blocker here?

What happens to pages with regular interlanguage links

I would suggest mixing them and suffixing the local ones with something like "local"
For example

French (local)

What happens on mobile views

Ideally this same information would be exposed via the API. I don't know how feasible this is. If not we can display them as hidden HTML elements somewhere in the page and pull them into the overlay (happy to help get that done in a separate task)