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Figure out how Community Relations can support translators
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How should Community Relations work with volunteer translators? What can we do for them?

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Something that hit me was the recent realisation that Comms/the ED had tweeted about International Translation Day and we don't seem to do much around these simple things.

What is the difference between this task and the research project started a year ago? Or better said, wouldn't it be better to continue that work? I'm concerned that our pushes on strategy I, strategy II, this research project and other actions here and there are quite disconnected and haven't resulted in any practical changes for translators yet.

It's basically looking how we can fit our earlier work into the widening of our scope – less "so what can we do?" and more "so these things we have concluded, how do they fit now?".

OK, then here is an idea to connect this task with Community Relations plans: inform our Annual Plan asks related to translatorsa / translations. Anything that needs budget, new or significant resources and/or commitments from other Foundation teams. Also, inform our mid-term plan towards the Strategy 2030.

If there is an ask for these short term and mid term plans, then it will have to be founded on the work and the argumentation produced in the context of this task. How does this sound?

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