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Create a UI for Adding captions to images (within the App Editor Tasks list)
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Why are we doing this?

Encourage Android app users to start editing by presenting them with more opportunities to make ‘micro-contributions’ to the app.

User story

When I have proven myself as an editor of good standing, I want to be shown more small app-friendly editing tasks like adding image captions, so that I can grow my contributions to Wikipedia.


Unlock messageApp editor task with new task unlockedFirst time message for translating title descriptionsTranslate title descriptions feedSwipe through feed itemsTranslate title descriptions interfaceView file pageImage caption filledReview title descriptionOverflow menuContribution score card

To dos

  • Illustration for unlock message
  • Illustration for first time message for image captions
  • Copy for unlock message
  • Copy for first time message for image captions

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Adding this here for the sake of completion. I created a Google doc called Missing copy for app editor tasks that also contains the missing copy listed in this task’s description. Feel free to revise the copy/comment on it here or directly in the doc. Thanks.