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Leaving feedback as requested- this is not a bug report I have just been sent here. Location C&P
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There are two observations I would like to make.
*Location. my camera should automatically geotag my images but when it gets confused it leaves a nonsense value in the exif. I have to enter the geotag manually. This is done by cutting and pasting from google maps or a geograph image in the category. These give me data in the form,yy.yyy or|yy.yyy. At the moment I need to paste one of these first into lat, delete half of it then paste again into long and delete half of it. Why? This value is instantly validated by the software. I want you to use intelligent validation, so- if a value contains a comma space or pipe- it should use the value and autofill the two fields- then the range validate as before. One line of code to change.
*A less thought out option would be to include a user tickbox option do you widh to use the coordinates in the previous image?
*While we are thinking further about this a similar user tickbox option could be used for missing date.

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ClemRutter, you have been asked several times to please report only one single topic per task and to structure your tasks by following . You unfortunately continue to ignore these requests.
Creating more such tasks is neither a good use of your nor anyone else's time. What would need to happen to make you follow the info in the link above?

(And if you have just been sent here, what exactly sent you here and from where?)

Thank you for the technical reply. Look at the Upload Wizard page- there is a link labelled leave feedback. I pressed it. I am acting like a typical user- not part of the development team- I headed the ticket- this is not a bug report- I was requested to do so- so I am writing this as feedback- like a favour, iI spent time on writing a comment instead of completing the task I was on. The correct response is to to say thank you for your feedback- it is much appreciated.

Now there is issue of one or many. From a users perspective- I am commenting on one issue- geotag entry, I have two thoughts on one issue. I am providing feedback as requested on one issue. I have held back on two other issues which I will submit when you appear to be less stressed.

I am providing feedback- I might have even done so before- I am not about to do a chase round the ticketing system to discover similar reports, I leave that to you guys to triage my feedback note and to rewrite it into the format you require. But as always, if you are in London do pop along to the monthly meetup and Iĺl buy you a beer, and we can discuss something far less controversial- like politics.

Sorry missed your last line: the url is

We are looking at line two

Upload Wizard
Leave feedback · Alternative upload methods · Back to the old form
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Please visit Commons:Help desk if you need to ask questions about uploading files.

@ClemRutter: Thanks a lot for explaining. Point taken; I am not happy that says "Leave feedback" as it's pretty... vague and catch-all. I was not aware of that, I am sorry. also exists, I wonder if that might be a better place to link to (as that at least mentions the Phab guidelines).
And .
And also as a disambiguation page.