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Do not use Wikimedia Phabricator as a general feedback venue for UploadWizard
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Originally, offered separate target links for feedbackPage and bugList.
But since bafb6d7ae56179982f671be0fea10a2d578992b2, feedbackLink in UploadWizard.config.php links to Wikimedia Phabricator.

In my personal understanding, Phabricator is not meant to be a place to dump random unstructured feedback, as mw:How_to_report_a_bug tries to explain. I am filing this task as a follow-up to T208946.
Counterexample: For VisualEditor, a centralized feedback venue exists at

Is there a single, canonical venue that is watched by the stewards/maintainers of the UploadWizard extension?
If there is only Wikimedia Phabricator watched by UploadWizard stewards/maintainers (and if my understanding above of Phabricator is not completely wrong), then I should probably stop looking at any UploadWizard tasks.

(For completeness: Random existing on-wiki places with differing explanations which support to expect (or not):

Furthermore, there is a world outside of Wikimedia servers. Hardcoding a link to Wikimedia Phabricator in the codebase of a MediaWiki extension which someone might install in a 3rd party MediaWiki installation, and exposing that very link in an end user-facing dialog, easily leads to many useless time-wasting tasks about badly configured 3rd party MediaWiki installations for years to come, as MultimediaViewer has proven in T188729 and T111112.

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Change 477068 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aklapper; owner: Aklapper):
[mediawiki/extensions/UploadWizard@master] Remove Wikimedia Phabricator as value of 'feedbackLink' parameter

Change 477068 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/UploadWizard@master] Remove Wikimedia Phabricator as value of 'feedbackLink' parameter