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CloudVPS: diamond report some metrics with the host IP address instead of host name
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Since hosts get migrated to the new region, Diamond seems to report some metrics using the host IP address instead of the hostname. But it seems to sort out eventually. I suspect there is a race condition where Diamond starts before the hostname is available. I do not think it happened in the old region.

Entries look like:

Example for the integration project on Grafana:

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CC'ing @Andrew to see if this is a known issue.

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relevant extracts from wikimedia-releng

Nov 19 22:30:29 <Krenair>	root@deployment-puppetmaster03:~# puppet cert list
Nov 19 22:30:29 <Krenair>	  "deployment-puppetdb02.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs" (SHA256) 5D:B2:96:51:8D:49:63:30:B5:51:27:2D:78:35:8B:2F:E2:FC:3A:88:5C:F9:AE:64:49:E6:ED:03:73:6B:9D:03
Nov 19 22:30:29 <Krenair>	  "host-172-16-4-100.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs"     (SHA256) 28:A8:84:1C:29:EC:08:03:9E:A4:D5:C3:25:3B:A4:3D:C1:6E:D9:F2:61:B3:EE:DC:24:68:E7:34:E8:11:73:22
Nov 19 22:30:29 <Krenair>	  "host-172-16-4-106.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs"     (SHA256) A4:A6:93:2F:0D:1A:FD:7A:73:B2:14:48:BF:2E:33:AE:E8:22:68:15:5B:B2:FA:3F:4D:23:2D:55:33:AD:51:AC
Nov 19 22:30:29 <Krenair>	  "host-172-16-4-116.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs"     (SHA256) 76:52:82:18:AF:CD:79:7D:50:63:5E:82:99:E9:6D:D7:D6:69:6F:6D:B6:A9:CD:01:BB:9E:83:9D:9C:B7:83:CB
Nov 19 22:30:29 <Krenair>	  "host-172-16-4-19.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs"      (SHA256) 15:05:C5:7D:86:10:BA:ED:68:73:D2:DD:00:13:52:FB:CB:C5:BD:5A:E1:82:C6:D5:92:51:AC:AB:FA:F0:51:F2
Nov 19 22:30:29 <Krenair>	root@deployment-puppetmaster03:~# puppet cert sign deployment-p
Nov 19 22:31:07 <Krenair>	those must be mid-migration instances but why are they starting up and trying to get puppet certs with the wrong hostname?
Nov 19 23:42:52 <andrewbogott>	thank you for fixing puppet, Krenair.  Those puppet certs with bogus hostnames will probably keep creeping in (the migrated hosts boot once with the wrong hostname before getting fixed.)  I can clean them up at the end unless they're actively breaking things in the meantime.
Nov 19 23:44:15 <Krenair>	andrewbogott, they're not actively breaking things but is it really necessary to boot them with the wrong names?
Nov 19 23:47:20 <andrewbogott>	I don't know why it happens.  It's not a race, since dhcp has had the whole copy time to get up to date with the right names.
Nov 19 23:48:15 <andrewbogott>	they come up with their old IP, ask dhcp for a name and get host-172-whatever along with their new, correct IP.  Then after a reboot they get the right hostname (and already have the right IP from before).
Nov 19 23:48:25 <andrewbogott>	It's ugly but seems mostly harmless

There was also the issue of SSH host keys changing - I think on Jessie instances? - that was brought up again recently

Lets just decline this task based on @Andrew comment? Its transient and eventually instances get the proper hostname eventually.