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Unable to edit Wikimedia Commons on desktop with Microsoft Edge
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I am unable to edit Wikimedia Commons using the "desktop view" on Microsoft Edge (the browser engine is EdgeHTML 15.15254 on Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile), now it the way this appears is very akin to how attempts at editing Wikidata appear on my device, the screen randomly zooms in and out in flashes which look like glitches, pages reload all the time, if I don't do any action the page reloads after a few dozen seconds, if I zoom in glitches appear and the screen would automatically zoom out, and generally any attempts at editing in desktop view simply don't work.

I've had all of these issues on Wikidata for years but from today it is the first time that I've been experiencing them over at Wikimedia Commons, I think that this could be due to a recent adopt of Wikidata code.

Does anyone have a Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile device here? And if so could they test to see if they can edit Wikidata and/or Wikimedia Commons with it?

Note 📝: None of these issues extend to the "Mobile view", only the "Desktop view".

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There is no real front-end code from Wikidata deployed on Wikimedia Commons.

Alright, but is there something that could explain this sudden change? I just noticed the similarity between the glitches I experience while browsing Wikidata in "desktop view" versus the glitches I currently face. Can these issues be replicated using Microsoft Edge on a desktop computer 🖥 or laptop 💻?

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I've had all of these issues on Wikidata for years

Is the another ticket for the issues on Wikidata?

I actually just tried loading a commons file with captions on it on edge on windows 10 desktop and the structured data section doesn't appear to load?
Edit: that seemed to be a one off...

I gave it a shot using the mobile device emulation settings in the Edge desktop browser but I couldn't see anything wrong.

Do you have any screenshots of what is happening?

I will try to post multiple screenshots, but it doesn't really "appear" as a glitch until the screen re-loads (then some portions of the screen "blurr out" so to say.

Involuntary zooming.

Note 📝: While attempting to make the above screenshots the page crashed and reloaded around 6 (six) times within 2 (two) minutes, all (documented) zoom-ins and -out were unintentional, and these symptoms are very much akin to how Wikidata appears on my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL phablet. Maybe this is an unintended side effect of the "Captions" functions as that looks and acts very similar to how Wikidata works, although with Wikidata I am forced to go to "Desktop view" to add images to instances, this issue only affects me when I want to use tools like HotCat, cat-a-lot, and/or scroll through large pages.

I just download Edge for android and it seems to work fine for me :/

Does this happen both while logged in and logged out?
Could you provide a link to the page it is happening on?
Was there a ticket for this happening for

It works fine when I use Microsoft Edge on Android for me too, this issue only seems to affect Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

(1) Yes.
(2) It happens on every page, the image of that Oligotricha striata exuvia was picked at random.
(3) I don't think so, I did complain about it before, but that was mostly in regards to "missing functionality" on mobile, in fact if tools like HotCat and Cat-a-lot would work on mobile for me I probably wouldn't even complain about these issues, using the "desktop view" is usually a necessity and not a luxury. Although I did read that improvements are coming for mobile editors, but for now these issues seem to confine themselves to the "desktop view".

Try to zoom in with your fingers, this usually triggers these glitches.