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RevisionDeletion log does not move to new title after page move.
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While patrolling edits and answering someone's inquiry on my user talk page, I ran into the article [[Dunkin']] (it was recently moved from [[Dunkin' Donuts]] to this title and with redirects left behind). I noticed that four revisions made on January 20, 2019 by the same IP user had their visibility settings changed using revision deletion (three have the revision text and the edit summary redacted; one just has the revision text redacted), but no deletion logs were present when I clicked "view logs for this page".

SS1.png (966×1 px, 197 KB)

SS2.png (942×1 px, 163 KB)

The diff links are below:

After doing some digging, I noticed that the RD logs are still located on the article under the previous title before it was moved, [[Dunkin' Donuts]]:

SS3.png (976×1 px, 141 KB)

It looks like other logs were moved over just fine when the article was moved to [[Dunkin']], but for some reason these logs did not; they remain at the article's former title, [[Dunkin' Donuts]] and they display only when filtered by its former name. Clicking on the "diff" links next to the logs will open the diff just fine; it just looks like there may be an issue where certain logs aren't updated and "moved over" with the page move to the new title and hence aren't displayed when filtered in a log search.

Creating a phab ticket to have this looked into. I feel that if a page is moved to a new title, the logs pertaining to certain revisions (like these RD logs) should also move to the new title so that they can be easily accessed. This will create confusion otherwise...

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Please note that since creating this phab ticket, [[Dunkin']] was moved back to its original title, [[Dunkin' Donuts]].

Ammarpad renamed this task from Four revisions that were modified using revision deletion did not create any admin RD logs... to RevisionDeletion log does not move to new title after page move..Jan 24 2019, 5:56 AM

@Oshwah, If I understand correctly, the logs were there, only that they were not moved to the new title after a page move.

@Ammarpad - Correct.

OK. That's why I renamed the task