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When search contains "insource:", add "edit source" link to each result
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Rationale: when i run a search for something in wikisource, with high probability, a convenient way to read, or even edit the wikisource, is very useful.

not monumental improvement, but will be very useful to small number of people, and hopefully will be a 5-liner... :)


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Reedy renamed this task from (feature request) when search contains "insource:", add "edit source" linkette to each result to When search contains "insource:", add "edit source" link to each result.Mar 30 2019, 9:33 PM
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As insource in a special functionality of CirrusSearch, and the search UI is all in core, this is unfortunately not a 5-line patch. Not sure the best route to an implementation. There is also a design question of clutter in the UI that I'm not an expert on. As the functionality is fairly niche, a gadget or user script sounds like a pretty reasonable solution.

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