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[BUG] Special:Block without JavaScript: "Other" field in Expiration section is required even if "Other" is not selected
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What is the problem?

To submit the Special:Block form with JavaScript disabled, I am required to type some text into the Other input even if the "Other" expiration option has not been selected.

It does not seem to matter what you type into this field.

With JS enabled, this input disappears when another option is selected.

Steps to reproduce problem
  1. Disable javascript on the browser
  2. Go to Special:Block (need to be admin)
  3. Attempt to submit a block with an Expiration option other than "Other time:"

Expected behavior: You are not required to type any text into the text input box under "Expiration"
Observed behavior: You are prevented from submitting until you type any text in the input

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Assuming this is about MediaWiki-User-management when it comes to a related codebase.

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