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Exclude specific tags globally when subtasking directly
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It would be useful for Phabricator to exclude some tags, which it automatically copies over, when creating subtasks.

We create large tasks and tag them with Epic. Then we use the in-task subtasking feature "Create Subtask" to make children of the larger initial task. The subtasks are presumed by Phab to have the same tags, which is very handy except that in the case of Epic it's more of a nuisance. This is because an epic is usually not spawning more epics (though it may), so these have to be manually removed.

What this means is that the non-epics now have Epic on them, and when filtering out epics the subtasks are also filtered out (assuming the tag was not manually removed, which in my experience is common).

The same could be true of Spike . Someone makes a spike, creates acceptance criteria that says "make a subtask explaining what to do next" and then the subtask is autopopulated with Spike , but the followup task is not typically a spike, so the tag has to be manually removed.

Another potential example in T220568: A way to track when a ticket was created with a pre-filled template

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptApr 12 2019, 4:17 PM

The proper solution would be using task types instead of project tags to express Spike or Epic hence proposing to decline.
This would also avoid having yet another list of project tags to maintain somewhere.

I can mostly agree with that. What of something like T220568 (mentioned in the description)?