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Process iNaturalist content into different Wikimedia platforms
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Either using the obtained observations during the Wiki Bioblitz, or any of the other 1.2 million iNaturalist observations with an Wikimedia compatible license we explore best practices in sharing content between the two communities.

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Everything uploaded to Wikidata can be shown easily on wikis with wikidata-powered templates (euwiki, cawiki...)

I made a simple user script for Commons that allows you to import iNaturalist images from within a Commons category or gallery page (whichever one is associated with the Wikidata item for the taxon). To use it, add the following to your common.js page:

mw.loader.load( '//' );

Then clear your browser cache and go to a Commons category or gallery page (for example, If there's an "iNaturalist Import" button by the page title, you can click it and it will load all the free-license iNaturalist images for that taxon (up to a certain amount). Let me know what bugs you find (pun intended).

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get it working.

@Theklan - Clear your cache and try it again now. Which page are you trying on?

I have cleared the cache many times and nothing. Even with your example:

@Theklan - I forgot to mention an important detail. In order to use the script, your account has to have the upload_by_url right, which is grants to the following user groups: autopatrollers, image reviewers, patrollers, and administrators. Sorry I forgot about that.