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Security Review for Vega 5 and Vega-Lite JavaScript Libraries
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There's a gsoc project to integrate Vega 5 and Vega-Lite into the Maps extension.

In addition to any custom shims, the library itself needs to be reviewed.

Note: That Vega v1 through v3 libraries have previously been reviewed - see T172938.

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Do we want a separate ticket for Vega-Lite? Vega-Lite can be thought of as an "add-on" converter library that simply converts one JSON into a different JSON, without any other functionality (e.g. no XHR calls, no UI, etc). This way users can use a much simpler language VegaLite, and it will be dynamically converted to a full Vega.

@Yurik - I think we can probably just include Vega-Lite on this task. I can update the title and description.

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Review stalled, waiting on further updates from related GSoC project managed by @Yurik.

@sbassett sorry, unsure what you mean. Some code has already been completed -- -- making it possible to integrate the future v3+. The next step would be to create a patch for graphoid & graph ext using that shared code.

@Yurik - the Security-Team is just waiting on everything to be completed (basically ready for deployment) on your's/Vega's end before we complete any further review on our end.

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Moving to frozen until it is clear that work will continue.

Hi @Yurik - will we be providing additional review for you or may I close this ticket? Please let us know, and thank you!


Thanks, closing for now, waiting for the Vega team and the students.

Thank you for the quick reply @Yurik ! Please let us know when we are needed for additional review. Cheers.