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EXIF location data of image file not imported to MediaWiki File information (Upload with UploadWizard)
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The EXIF location of some files uploaded with the UploadWizard got not added to the MediaWiki file metadata (and information template).

This only appears to some files of the same upload queue in the UploadWizard.

Purging the page dose not help.

Example files:
Not added:
Added correct:

Not added:
Added correct:

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Confirming. Both and have the same values. Using ImageMagick-

$:acko\> identify -verbose ~/Eckerlochstieg_19.jpg | grep "exif:GPS"
    exif:GPSAltitude: 45981/50
    exif:GPSAltitudeRef: 0
    exif:GPSDateStamp: 2019:04:02
    exif:GPSInfo: 29522
    exif:GPSLatitude: 51/1, 47/1, 10803/500
    exif:GPSLatitudeRef: N
    exif:GPSLongitude: 10/1, 37/1, 5091/500
    exif:GPSLongitudeRef: E
    exif:GPSVersionID: 2, 3, 0, 0

Little update: In the first report only some files where affected. Now this is happening to all of my files. (of course only of them having GPS data in the EXIF) Example