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Fix CC Search for Wikidocumentaries
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CC Search has been released, and the old API is outdated. This results in poor performance for CC Search images.

  • CC Search could replace Flickr search in WDX
    • It could also cover Europeana, but CC Search is less sophisticated. An option to create a separate import for Europeana.
    • Wikimedia Commons might be excluded from CC Search because we can do more advanced operations directly with SDC.
    • Converging matches for the same image from multiple sources becomes an issue. Being able to consolidate best metadata would be cool.
    • Keywording should support Wikidata.
    • Backup in Internet Archive (needs to be more closely investigated when and how)

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Susannaanas renamed this task from CC Search to CC Search for Wikidocumentaries.May 17 2019, 9:57 AM

Remaining work

Response has to be formatted, preprocessed before sending to UI

  • The tags have to be separated
  • The creator must not be split

Missing images have to be tackled

Values must be mapped to labels, QIDs and links

  • CC licenses
  • source institutions

Add available links to UI

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