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Figure out how to link Txikipedia with Wikidata in an efficient way
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Txikipedia is the first children Encyclopedia inside a Wikipedia project. It is mantained using a tab system and the articles are created in a dedicated namespace. As Wikidata doesn't accept two links to the same language, we can't benefit in an easy way of the information Wikidata provides:

  • In other projects
  • Automatic data (population, area, altitude, birth date...)
  • Links to other languages

There are other languages interested in creating a Txikipedia version on their languages, as we have seen at the Wikimedia+Education Conference this year. There are also some external referals as properties, for example to Klexikon. (Property:P6573)

There can be three ways to get this result:

  • Marking Txikipedia items as "permanent duplicated items": we could try to extract then the Q from this and show the information.
  • Adding Txikipedia items as external references, like Klexikon, via a property: we could then try to get (Lua? js?) the item of the parent article somehow.
  • Adding the option for Txikipedia at "Other projects" section: this would give us the best long-term solution, and help uploading other children oriented projects in the futurel

This is quite a complex problem, and giving the best solution won't be feasible in a short time.

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@Lydia_Pintscher Do you have any idea how this could be done, and who could help?

I want to push this, as the decision is complex but it will create a path for future similar projects. Do you have any idea about the best solution?