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Build article quality model for Dutch Wikipedia
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How do Wikipedians label articles by their quality level?

What levels are there and what processes do they follow when labeling articles for quality?

How do InfoBoxes work? Are they used like on English Wikipedia?

Are there "citation needed" templates? How do they work?

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Halfak created this task.May 19 2019, 9:24 AM
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Halfak added a subscriber: RonnieV.May 19 2019, 9:40 AM

I looked into this with @RonnieV and we weren't able to find any documentation about an article quality scale on nlwiki. I think defining article quality in nlwiki terms will be a good first step to building this model. Alternative, one could translate the English Wikipedia article quality scale for use on nlwiki. See

Halfak added a subscriber: Ciell.May 19 2019, 9:41 AM

@Ciell, maybe you have some ideas for how we could get started here. Or if an article quality prediction model would be helpful at all.

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Ciell added a comment.Jun 5 2019, 4:54 PM

In 2006 (I know, 13 years ago already) we voted on this Quality scale and the idea was declined by the Dutch community. ( A working group was vormed in 2007, but never got far. It does explain the different types of artcles we determine in the main namespace though. ( &

We have beg (stubs), Etalage (excellent) and everything in between (which aren't graded).