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Improve documentation for WMDE's Wikibase Docker images repository
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WMDE's repository with Docker images for Wikibase and related services is quite useful for spinning up local instances of those tools for experimentation, development, and building upon them.

However, the documentation is a bit sparse and hard to follow for a beginner, which hinders its usage, especially in events such as the Wikibase install party that happened during the 2019 hackathon.

At least the main entry-point documentation (i.e. the primary README file) should be improved so that newcomers can easily understand it and get started with the project.

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waldyrious triaged this task as Medium priority.May 19 2019, 9:21 PM
waldyrious updated the task description. (Show Details)

This has been started with PR #82 (already merged), and PR #83 (currently open, at the time of writing).

@alaa_wmde told me he had comments to add to the first PR, so probably the second one will still have some changes made before it's merged.

PR #83 has been merged as well. I'll leave this open until @alaa_wmde voices his thoughts.

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Thanks @waldyrious very much for your contribution on the spot!

I'm marking this one resoled for now. When there are more improvements to the documentation we'll follow up on them on github (and possibly Phab tasks).

Makes sense, thanks. Btw, sorry I pinged you using the wrong username, I wasn't sure which one to use :)