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Hideuser: Error when trying to block hidden user without hideuser right
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Currently, it's a bit confusing for admins without hideuser right:

  1. Admin sees EvilUsername
  2. Oversight sees EvilUsername and is faster than the admin: He blocks EvilUsername with hideuser
  3. Admin goes to Special:Block/EvilUsername. There is a warning, that EvilUser is "Already blocked", but the block log is empty.
  4. Admin tries to block user and gets a strange error: "Error: could not submit form" and "<hookaborted>".

Expected behavior: Nice error message saying the admin is not allowed to change block settings as the user has been hidden.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Tobias created this task.Sep 7 2009, 1:11 AM

mac.med02 wrote:

attempted patch

attachment New Text Document.TXT ignored as obsolete

mac.med02 wrote:

Note: Tests on the above patch succeeded on my local install of MediaWiki.

mac.med02 wrote:

Message Refinement and Rename

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mac.med02 wrote:

Final Fix

Unrelated experimenal patch included in the last attachment. Sorry about all the emails.

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mac.med02 wrote:

Sorry again

hopefully this really is the last one

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Tobias added a comment.Oct 4 2009, 6:56 PM

Don't forget to add new messages to maintenance/language/, please :)
Also, try to use tabulator instead of spaces in Special:Blockip.php. It doesn't really look nice atm.

mac.med02 wrote:

I've tried two different editors to try and fix that problem (Notepad2 and PSPad). What would you recommend to deal with the issue? (Ie that pressing tab just creates spaces.

mac.med02 wrote:


Hopefully this is the last one. Fixed and changed spaces to tabs.


Done in r57375. Minor tweaks (MessagesXX.php uses spaces, not tabulators :))