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Automating the swat deployment workflow
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From a discussion with @thcipriani:

Automating the deployment of backports with scap swat

  • patches use the hashtag field in gerrit to specify a swat window using the convention swat-yyyy-mm-dd-WINDOW ex. swat-2019-06-26-evening
  • scap swat command finds patches for the current window and allows deployer to select 1 or more patches
  • patches get cherry picked, merged and pulled as necessary
    • In some situations this might involve some manual parts but should be mostly automated
  • patch gets deployed to debug host with scap pull
  • prompt the deployer to test and confirm
  • once confirmed we can automatically run scap sync-file on the affected files/directories

Along with all of this automation, we want to capture some metrics in logstash for future analysis. Specifically:

  • log the start of deployment with details:
    1. deployer username
    2. number of patches selected
    3. change ids of all patches
  • "Patches merged and pulled"
  • log result of manual testing on debug host
  • log end of deployment checkpoint

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