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When visiting the website in a ltr language, the yellow box with the "Imagine a world..." motto in the homepage keeps the ltr alignement also when blinking with an rtl version of it.
The same with inverted roles happens when visiting the website in an rtl language when the yellow box shows an ltr language version of the motto.

I didn't check the whole website, so maybe this happens also in other parts of the website.

In general I think that a message in a specific language should keep its own ltr/rtl alignment independently of which language was chosen by the user.

See the attached screenshot as an example.

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The HTML still lies about the language of the content (T200742#5320718)...

This now appears to work correctly when viewing the site in an LTR language, but still broken as described when viewing in RTL language.

Varnent claimed this task.

Thank you for pointing this out. We have submitted a patch to resolve this issue - which has already gone live. I am closing this ticket, but please let me know if you notice any others we missed with this patch. Thank you!