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dbproxy1012 alerting on PS Redundancy
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The following two hosts are alerting on not having redundancy on their power supply.


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The idrac interface is showing errors with the power supply. It is confirmed to be up and running. Most likely a fan went out. The server is still in warranty.

i created a dispatch with Dell to replace the PSU

You have successfully submitted request SR995054295.

The replacement powersupply is now on site. The old power supply does NOT need to be returned to Dell.

The powersupplies on dbproxy1012 show no error LEDs at this time, and the SEL was cleared. I'm not sure which of the two power supplies was showing errors. I have NOT put in the replacement power supply.

The powersupply health screen says error on the icon, but clicking on the details shows no errors.

did a racreset and the issue cleared. the spare psu is now a shelf spare