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I'm regularly monitoring ru-wiki category with pages with "Lua errors". I can see each day a few categories are being reported here, because they are using {{catmain}} which uses Module:TMT which load localization strings from commons structured data. Screenshot is in Russian, but it should be pretty clear what error message is. It happens on random categories usually 5-20 (of a few thousand I believe). Since the nature of the bug is random, let me know if I can do anything to help you to trace it back (e.g. additional diagnostic on the affected category?)

Screenshot 2019-08-03 at 20.50.42.png (152×1 px, 41 KB)

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Hi @Ghuron, thanks for taking the time to report this!

Can you please provide steps to reproduce / a link where the problem can be seen?

Any category here except for Википедия:Страницы с ошибками скриптов, использующих Викиданные‎. The problem is that errors disappears after ?action=purge

Recently someone also raised this as an issue with graphs. Has anything changed to destabilize method?

@Anomie, you were kind to fix T215444, maybe you can take a look on this one? We have thousands of potentially affected categories and problem reveal itself only on small random subset of them. If you need any additional traces in lua - I'm here to help :)