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Issue with filter menu width on mobile (OOUI menuSelectWidget)
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Highlighting can be enabled if following a URL e.g.

Visit this page in a mobile resolution (320x568).

expected: The menu width should match the width of the Filter button

image.png (1×802 px, 171 KB)

Developer notes

The element with the problem has the classes: oo-ui-widget oo-ui-widget-enabled oo-ui-selectWidget oo-ui-selectWidget-unpressed oo-ui-clippableElement-clippable oo-ui-floatableElement-floatable oo-ui-menuSelectWidget mw-rcfilters-ui-menuSelectWidget mw-rcfilters-ui-menuSelectWidget-view-namespaces

It has an inline style set including a width. The calculated width appears to be 10px too big.

Likely an issue with OOUI - "mw-rcfilters-ui-menuSelectWidget-view-namespaces" - the OOUI library sets the width and it's setting it larger than it should be. Looks like it's border box related and will likely need help from @Volker_E to fix this one.

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Jdlrobson added a subscriber: ovasileva.

Ready for discussion @ovasileva but I think this might be a tricky one and might not be worth the effort right now.

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