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Outreachy Round 19: Documentation improvements to the ~20 top 100 most viewed MediaWiki Action API pages on-wiki
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Brief summary

The MediaWiki action API is a web service that allows access to some wiki-features like authentication, page operations, and search. It can provide meta information about the wiki and the logged-in user. Several Wikimedia projects make use of this API.

As of now, there are 128 pages on the Action API on Developer-Advocacy did a little research on the state of the docs and documented a few problems and recommendations for next steps. One of the issues we decided to address was inconsistency. For example, some pages had the automated API docs embedded; some didn’t, some pages had code samples, some didn’t, etc.

As a first step, we designed a documentation template and used it to re-write the top 20 viewed pages of the API. But, we realized we could not improve 128 pages all by ourselves, and opened it to new Wikimedia contributors for help :-) The next 60 pages were improved in the last two Outreachy rounds.

The goal of this project is to improve documentation of ~20 top 100 most viewed MediaWiki Action API pages on-wiki using the documentation template.

(OPTIONAL) If there is more time, then the next part of the project could be developing a bot that mass edits sample code from this repository to the API namespace on and vice-versa, as explained in

Skills required

  • Wiki editing, Templates, creating and managing translatable pages.
  • Wikimedia Phabricator tool.
  • Basic Python, PHP and JavaScript programming.

Note: some or all of these skills would be nice to have but not required. Come with a desire to learn and that be all!

Code repository


Microtask 1: Pick a MediaWiki Action API page to review and improve

Pick an API page to work on and add your Phabricator username next to it in the relevant column

API pageWork in progressDone
API:IwbacklinksSamuel NduZaycodes
API:PagewithpropPriscila Vilemen
API:ExpandtemplatesSupriya (pineappled_sun)Zaycodes
API:FilerepoinfoFareena FatimaZaycodes
API:DeletedrevisionsVanesa PereaZaycodes
API:SetnotificationtimestampLarissa SalesZaycodes
API:ChecktokenOla EfimovaZaycodes
API:FilearchiveLiz KariukiZaycodes
Getting started instructions

Microtask 2
Microtask 3

Note: Any documentation or API-related task you work on qualifies as a valid contribution too.
Please see:



Get in touch with mentors

Ask a question in the topic Phab:T232816 API documentation improvements under


Note: Please do not claim this task or set the "Assignee" field as several people are expected to work on it.

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Multiple contributors are currently working on this task so it can't have an assignee yet

Hello, Jeropbrenda.. I am to do : Expandtemplates, How input my name in task, for to show work in progress ?

Hello, Jeropbrenda.. I am to do : Expandtemplates, How input my name in task, for to show work in progress ?

Hello, Jeropbrenda.. I am to do : Expandtemplates, How input my name in task, for to show work in progress ?

This is not a task that only one person can work on, but several people can and should work on this. Thanks.

Hi @jeropbrenda, how do I check if the API documentation for the API I am working on is present in one of the main modules? And in case it is not present, what would the next steps be?
Also, can I delete a page in Sandbox? If yes, could you guide me on how to do it?

@Prisicilavilemen @pineappled_sun If you still have these questions, could you please re-post the questions on Zulip? I'd like to answer them from there so that we don't clutter this. Thanks.

@Dikshagupta99 You may pick another page after your previous one has been reviewed and merged. There are changes that you still need to make in your previous page so let's work with that first :)

Rubaaw removed Rubaaw as the assignee of this task.
Rubaaw updated the task description. (Show Details)
Rubaaw updated the task description. (Show Details)
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Task update: So far I've been able to work on 14 pages with few of them still under review. Here is a link to my user page for more details on the pages I've worked on and the current status for each page.

As the Outreachy Round 19 has ended, could you consider marking this task as resolved? If not, could you share what else is remaining?

@Zaycodes Completed the most feasible amount of work for the internship period. We are still working on a few remaining pages outside of the internship so I'd consider marking this as resolved. What do you think @Zaycodes @srishakatux ?