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Link color (:link) choice
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Until of now, 2019-09-17, the link color has been defined #69f.
This would fail level AA conformance.

In the process of defining current Wikimedia user interface color palette, we've been trying to find and settle on accent colors that work for both, white and black to provide sufficient contrast.
Accent50 #36c would be my recommendation and choice.

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That was a misconception of the whole hue-rotate() filter applied on root element in current CSS. The filter (invert( 1 ) hue-rotate( 180deg )) is also applied towards the colors defined for child a elements further down, given that hue-rotate doesn't operate in HSL space, we can only come up with approximations of targeted colors, but the color property values in the user styles are misleading.
The reason #69f was failing to conform originated exactly in above.