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Document MediaWiki integration tests
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Complete and organize the documentation for the MediaWiki API integration tests by building on the docs currently in the project readme.

To do

  • Create a page on (See proposed outline below.)
  • Add a link to the wiki page from the developer hub on
  • Update the project readme. (See proposed outline below.)


  • Test runner
  • Test author
  • CI engineer
  • Operations engineer

Proposed wiki page outline

This is a working outline based on the initiative user stories.

  • Overview
  • Setting up a testing environment
    • Installation
    • Configuration (Docker, Vagrant, and custom)
    • Resetting a wiki between tests
    • Running tests across multiple sites (user story 9)
    • Running tests with multiple sets of parameters (user story 10)
  • Running tests
    • Running all tests
    • Running specific tests
    • Running tests for extensions (user story 21)
  • Writing tests: Overview
    • When to write a test
    • Test structure
    • Hello world example
    • Validating test responses
    • Chaining requests
  • Writing tests: Action API
    • uniq, dbkey, title, sameTitle, root
    • Users
      • Fixtures: alice, bob, mindy, robby
      • Examples using random users, anonymous users, logging in, tokens, multiple agents
    • Pages
      • Examples using titles, random pages, revisions, editing, redirects
  • Contributing
  • License

Action API checklist

Examples in the Action API section should include at least the following methods:

  • account
  • action
  • actionError
  • edit (including use of param_text, param_summary, and param_user)
  • getRevision
  • getLogEntry
  • getChangeEntry
  • getHtml
  • list
  • meta
  • prop
  • token

Proposed readme outline

To avoid duplicating information, I recommend reducing the project readme and moving most of the content into the wiki page.

  • Overview
  • Documentation
  • Contributing
  • License


Recommended location: //API Integration Tests


  • Add the page to the Wikimedia projects category
  • Consider linking from the API docs or contributing docs

Alternative: Manual: Integration testing


Alternative: API: Integration testing

  • Integrate with existing API docs.
  • Not as good a fit if the tests cover multiple APIs.


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Updated the wiki page for the REST API and reviewed with Clara.