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[EPIC] Establish feedback cycles with community and identify test wikis
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This epic includes:

  • Publish current research/documentation so that we’re ready to begin larger discussions with the community (this includes all research -and documentation we've created so far, wikimania interview results, hackweek writeups, mockups and prototypes)
  • Reach out to community for general feedback on all the work we’ve had so far
  • Identify and reach out to potential test wikis

Event Timeline

@TheDJ has recommend as a test wiki candidate with the idea that it would 1) encourage developers to use the new Vector 2) regressions would have low impact to users but high visibility to devs.

ovasileva claimed this task.

Test wiki list

  • French Wikipedia
  • French Wiktionary
  • Basque Wikipedia
  • Persian Wikipedia
  • Hebrew Wikipedia
  • Portuguese Wikiversity
  • Mediawiki (TBD)