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Garbage-collect development (and other?) images from Docker registry as appropriate
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We're now generating development images for every mediawiki/core change when it merges to master, and will soon be doing the same for other projects. (See T217872 for more on this work.)

Additionally, the pipeline already produces production deployment images for services like blubberoid, mathoid, etc., and is intended to do so for most services in future.

@hashar points out that eventually this will present a storage problem, especially given the number of commits to mw/core (~2118 in last 6 months).

@herron or others, any thoughts on that? Is there any current mechanism or future plans for something that would clean up stale images?

I imagine we'd want to retain production artifacts indefinitely, but dev images should only really need to stay around for some pre-defined time period - 1 week? 1 month? - since people will mostly be using the latest image, already tagged "dev".