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Create official docker images for Mediawiki and services used in the local development environment
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The docker based local-developer environments has a need for standard trusted images hosted by us that can be used as base images for running Mediawiki and necessary services in development.

This intersects with Deployment Pipeline work (, which is containerizing many services for Kubernetes in Production. When possible, we should collaborate and use images built by the Deployment Pipeline.

The Kubernetes based local-charts project currently supports the following:

  • Mediawiki
  • MariaDB (or equivalent)
  • Parsoid
  • Restbase

Of these, only Restbase has been prioritized for containerization in the Deployment Pipeline.

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jeena triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 7 2019, 11:07 PM
jeena created this task.

Wikimedia base Docker images are build using an home grown utility: docker-pkg (doc | git repo).

SRE maintains some under the git repo operations/docker-images/production-images.
CI has more under integration/config. by Tyler to have an idea of how many images we currently have.