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List editing buggy in VE when using templates as list entries
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I stumbled across this problem when I tried to edit the text in : In VE it seems like all the text is part of the templates, and it can only be edited in strange "content" fields at the end of the template forms. If you look at the source code however, the complete text is outside the templates.

Steps to Reproduce (with a minimal example as shown in ):

  1. Create a test template with content ": Test" or "; Test"
  2. Include this template in a new page like this:

: More text

  1. Try editing this text in Visual editor

Actual Results:
The text below the template can only be edited as source code in the template form.

Expected Results:
The additional text should not be treated as part of the template.

This affects all kind of lists (bullet, numbered etc.), as can be seen in .

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Tkarcher renamed this task from Description list editing buggy in VE when using templates to List editing buggy in VE when using templates as list entries.Oct 11 2019, 7:32 AM
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I don't really understand T55368, but this sounds similar to T185093: Template transclusion of a few list items extends to the entire list in VE, making it impossible to edit visually to me. Maybe they're all the same.

Thank you for reporting this @Tkarcher. As @Schnark and @matmarex noted, the issue you ran into seems to be captured by an existing task. As such, we're going to close this task as a duplicate.

As for the fix for this particular issue, it seems to be caused by a parsing issue which our team can not directly address at this time.