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Module error causes math tag to fail, displaying as strip marker
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Steps to Reproduce:
Put a math tag on a page. After it, add an invocation of a Scribunto module that returns an error.

Actual Results:
The math tag fails to display correctly, and is replaced with a strip marker: '"UNIQ--postMath-00000001-QINU"' for instance.

Expected Results:
The math tag should display correctly.

For instance, see this minimal example on the English Wiktionary, with a Lua-based template that throws an error for an incorrect parameter. This was reported in a Grease Pit discussion.

Here the math tag renders correctly when the module error is before and not after the math tag. When math tags are placed both before and after a module error, only the math tag before the module error displays incorrectly. When I add more math tags and module errors, it seems that the last module error on a page breaks all the math tags before it.

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Not a Scribunto issue. You can also trigger it with wikitext such as

<math>\textstyle f</math>


Anything that winds up calling Message::parse() or the like during the parse of the page does the same.

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Marking as Resolved as it is in the Done column. Feel free to reopen if there is remaining work.

@CCicalese_WMF: Does that mean there is nothing to change in the Math extension?

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@Aklapper You are correct. This should stay open for investigation in the Math extension. Untagging Platform Engineering, as there does not appear to be anything for us to do.