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Show images depending on connection type
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I am using the Wikipedia Android app from F-Droid (r/2.7.50282-r-2019-05-24 (50282).
One thing I miss is that there is a switch to show images always or on demand, but I'd rather having the images always while on wifi but on demand when on mobile data.
I think this requires a new permission for checking the connection type.

It is the first time I use Phabricator. Sorry for errors.

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I think that T173417 and T163596 are related to this.

Thanks for your feature request, @Error. We considered adding this feature some time ago, but decided against it because of the risk of user experience problems, that we have experienced when implementing such features before.

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@Error thanks for taking the time to request this feature. It was closed prior to me joining the team. It is a legitimate request, so I am reopening the ticket. However, based on our current team capacity we can't implement this right now.

I see that in T273349 you are talking about global settings. What I was thinking about was more picture by picture. If I think that the picture is just decoration, I leave the placeholder. If I am interested in it, I make it download and appear in the article (perhaps by touching it).