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pages_processor.ConfigException triggered by unescaped pipes
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<class 'pages_processor.ConfigException'> The template parameters are incorrect.

I updated the select, but forget to run a manual update, then click on one of the looking glass icons which trigger this error.

Screenshot_20191103-125102_Firefox.jpg (907×1 px, 304 KB)

My select contained unescaped pipes which resulted in unlabeled (numbered) parameters being encountered.

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A ConfigException should result in the non-catastrophic error − damn the error handling >_>

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2019-11-04T17:46:08Z] <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy latest from Git master: d0f4222 (T237189)

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ProcessingException will now be caught, and result in a less scary error page inviting the user to check their configuration.