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[OTRS feature request] Allow users to download ALL articles from a given wiki
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I would absolutely love to download all of the Wikipedia articles in English onto my phone (I have 100gb free). I find I never have the articles I want downloaded onto my phone when I find myself lacking wifi or cell service. If images/other media take up too much space, perhaps a text only version of each article would do.

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Another OTRS Feature request around this:

I recently read some things about downloading all of current Wikipedia onto a mobile
device, but sadly it looks like it is only possible for android.

I am wondering if it is possible to download a copy of Wikipedia on iOS (my phone software

If not, could you maybe consider adding an in-app function that would do this? It would be
very convenient to be able to read Wikipedia offline in-app instead of some other file
storage system.

I also think that a feature to download standalone articles for offline reference would be
very helpful. In addition, downloading articles of a certain category would also be very

For example, I am very interested in Space, so it would be extremely helpful to be able to
download all articles about space as I could enjoy reading them without worrying about
access to the internet.