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Tag not included in edit summary when marking an article for deletion/miscellany for discussion
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What is the problem?

When an article is marked for deletion using the Article for Deletion tag, PageTriage makes an edit to the article. The edit summary does not include the "afd" tag.

It did previously (see screenshot), and it does so for other things like marking for speedy deletion.

Also applies to Miscellany for Discussion.

Possibly because we are escaping from this loop too early?

Steps to reproduce problem
  1. Login as someone with patrol rights and go to Special:NewPagesFeed
  2. Find a page in that list and click "Review" button
  3. In the PageTriage sidebar on the right, click the bin icon ("nominate for deletion")
  4. Select "Articles for Deletion", fill in the form and click "Mark for deletion"
  5. Go to the history of the article you just marked for deletion

Expected behavior: The edit summary of the latest revision should be something like: Nominated page for deletion using Page Curation (afd)
Observed behavior: It is Nominated page for deletion using Page Curation ()


Wiki(s): 1.35.0-alpha (b61bf75) 11:52, 14 November 2019

Screenshots (if applicable):

Revision history for, showing before and after:

tag_edit_summary_annotated.png (112×1 px, 60 KB)

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Unable to reproduce.

I checked the database and this error is still happening as of March 2022, but it is pretty intermittent. Some months will have 0 of this error, other months will have dozens. This query takes 20 minutes to run:

I have some patches coming out that will clean up a lot of the AFD bugs. The patches will be deployed on Thursday 07/28/22. I'll try to come back to this in a couple months and see if we've had this bug occur since those patches were deployed.

MPGuy2824 added a subscriber: MPGuy2824. shows that 29 March 2022 was the last time that this issue occurred. Closing.