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Huggle uses deprecated `rvparse`
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The property rvparse to the Action API prop=revisions has been deprecated since MediaWiki 1.30 in 2017. Clients should use action=parse to parse a page's wikitext to HTML when necessary.

Discussion on T241208 is considering removing rvparse to improve site stability and performance. You may want to convert to action=parse now rather than waiting to see if the decision is made to actually remove rvparse.

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Petrb added a subscriber: Petrb.Mar 31 2020, 9:47 PM

There are multiple problems with this, it's burried in very old code that I wrote so long time ago I am not sure about the logic anymore. This commit removes it - but it needs some intensive testing, because I literally just removed the rvparse from API call and now I am observing what it broke.

The weird part is, that I can't see that anything is broken - why did we even use this rvparse thing in a first place?

BTW I can already see another deprecation warning for some other API call, you deprecate these API calls in a light speed... Even that action=parse is already full of deprecated options, I think you should think things through before release ;)

Petrb added a comment.Mar 31 2020, 9:48 PM

I mean, try to get some inspiration from UNIX, it was invented around 1970 and most of old C code from that time still compile on modern UNIXes... that's what I call a stable API :P

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ok I couldn't find any issue after I removed it, I believe it's resolved now, this version with fix was not released yet, and even when it is, old versions of Huggle will still be used for a while though.

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