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Set iw_local to 1 for [[mw:]], [[wmf:]], [[wikimedia:]], [[wikinews:]] and [[wikiversity:]] on WMF wikis
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It's run by the Wikimedia Foundation, isn't it?

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conrad.irwin wrote:

It's still not the current wiki.

At the moment all interwiki prefixes (wiktionary wikibooks etc.) are treated the same (external colour without the external icon), this seems to imply "kind of external" in the appropriate way.

Based on IRC chat, this is actually a request to have it set for the WMF wikis to have MW marked as "iw_local" in the interwiki table.

Including the relevant IRC chat below:
<liangent> what does he mean?
<liangent> sorry... maybe #wikimedia-tech
<cirwin> liangent: well, I wrote it
<cirwin> maybe I misunderstood you :)
<cirwin> what do you mean by local?
<liangent> iw_local field in interwiki table
<cirwin> oh, yes
<cirwin> I did misunderstand you

  • cirwin does not know enough about anything to make comments

<liangent> :)
<cirwin> that said, wikimedia: is not local either
<p858snake> "iw_local informs MediaWiki how it should treat interwiki links coming from external sources. If iw_local is 1, then it will treat these links as though they were generated from within the local wiki."
<p858snake> Mediawiki isn't only used by WMF so therefor we shouldn't be setting something like that as a default accross new installs if i understand what you're asking properly
<cirwin> p858snake: mayhaps you'd like to write a proper comment on the bug :)
<liangent> p858snake: i mean setting it on wmf wikis
<liangent> not for default mw installations

Maybe with [[wikimedia:]], [[wmf:]] etc together?

Shouldn't this be requested (or at least mentioned) on [[m:Talk:Interwiki map]]?

soxred93 wrote:

The WMF prefixes aren't handled by the interwiki map, but rather by a different program, IIRC.

Would also be nice so that [[mw:foo]] works from bugzilla...

As an aside, the local interwikis in the default install (which might be different from wikimedia) are kind of weird:






but things like mw, mediawikiwiki, commons, and metawiki are included in the default install, but not set as local interwikis.

the mw: interwiki link is also the most common problem with linking constructions such as

  • an IRC wikilink bot ( > "Lorem [[mw:ipsum]] "; < "" );
  • Templates that are synced crosswiki (they usually hard-code 'w' as a start since that's what Meta and Commons do, and to make sure the links behave the same on all wikis, 'w' is the prefix [[w:{{{1}}}]], when 1=mw:Test, it fails. Currently this means all these constructions either fail or have a special exception for mediawikiwiki
  • Browser search quick-linking. Many advanced users have something like 'w' as a shortcut to$1 . linking to mw:Test fails, yet again.
  • etc..

I haven't read any arguments against this since late 2009 (when I first encoutered the problem) - what's up ?

Okay, so afaik the folllowing are owned by the Wikimedia foundation but for some reason are not iw_local:

  • [[mw:]]
  • [[wmf:]]
  • [[wikimedia:]]*
  • [[wikinews:]]*
  • [[wikiversity:]]*

Please set them to local so that chaining and URL-constructions work as expected. The gazillion other interwiki links are all set to iw_local, why not these ?

Raising priority (easy fix?)


  • These are not global, be careful not to change that (since they are namespaces on some wikis, like, and

*bump*. Should be an easy fix.

The inability to link to mw: from most url-based interfaces is just mindboggling.

I'm on this.

-easy: shell bugs are NEVER +easy

Fixed by changing dumpInterwiki.php in r98242, deploying the change, and rerunning the script.