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Check production InukaPageView data stream
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Now that our instrumentation has been written and deployed (T238029), we should wait for about a week of data to accumulate (which will happen on Wed, 12 Feb) and then do a moderate-depth quality check.

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nshahquinn-wmf triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 3 2020, 8:46 PM
nshahquinn-wmf created this task.
kzimmerman set Due Date to Feb 19 2020, 8:00 AM.Feb 12 2020, 11:43 PM
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It doesn't make sense to pursue this check further until the big missing data problem (T247892) is solved.

@nshahquinn-wmf: The Due Date set for this open task is three months ago. Can you please either update or reset the Due Date (by clicking Edit Task), or set the status of this task to resolved in case this task is done? Thanks!

nshahquinn-wmf added a subscriber: AMuigai.

@AMuigai has decided that this is a lower priority than planning the instrumentation for Wikipedia Preview (e.g. T256979). However, we still want to get to this in Q1 (Jul–Sep).