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Stop collecting InukaPageView data from web clients
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The InukaPageView stream contains data from the newly release KaiOS app as well as a sample of Android, iOS, and KaiOS web users from India, Nigeria, and South Africa.

We no longer want to collect the data from web users, since the team has higher priorities for analysis and has passed the stage where analyzing it would have been most useful. Moreover, the web data had serious quality issues which we never managed to figure out (T247892).

In our case, this means we need to:

  • Remove the instrumentation code
  • Update the schema's documentation to reflect that the android-web, ios-web, and kaios-web values of client_type are unused. This will be on Meta if it's still we're still EventLogging when we do this or in the schema repo if we've switched to the Event Platform by then.

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