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Too many values for wikibase:geoLatitude and wikibase:geoLongitude in WDQS
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Wikidata item Q288 (Tours in France) have 1 value for P625 (coordinates):

But in this WDQS query:

SELECT ?item ?coordinate ?coordinate_node ?latitude ?longitude WHERE
  VALUES ?item { wd:Q288 }
  ?item p:P625 ?coordinate.
  ?coordinate psv:P625 ?coordinate_node.
  ?coordinate_node wikibase:geoLatitude ?latitude. 
  ?coordinate_node wikibase:geoLongitude ?longitude.


you get results for ?latitude and ?longitude with both unrounded values (47.392777777778, 0.68833333333333) and values rounded to 4 decimals (47.3928, 0.6883), combined for a total of 4 results. There should only be 1 result.

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This is due to T174504 (see especially T174504#5534713) and should be resolved with the next full WDQS reload, which will hopefully happen soon (cf. T230588#5534626).

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This has been fixed by the latest WDQS data reload (T252068).