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Speak with if they can make linking easier
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Status: Done se T248939#6092675

Update we have a link error reported see T252093: Link error to the Nobelprize website

As we now have a new Wikidata property Property P8024 we could avoid link root if Nobel prize started use this id as the parameter when we has a link in an Wikipedia article

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Example Selma Lagerlöf en:Wikipedia has link root using that has stopped working

Next step ask the people if they can have a better link modell using the id as an parameter

e.g. Selma Lagerlöf is 579 and when all our 190 languages should link we use an URL like

As we have a data layer that means that we can easy create templates in the wiki articles and fetch this number for Selma Lagerlöf from her Wikidata page and use it in 103 languages

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Answer from Hans


We can provide you with one url to link to for each id and we may foward to that persons/organizations page if one prize, and present a list of Prizes if more than one. There are at least two ways: We can use the current API with links as and you provide a flag to get a redirect instead of a json return. Or we can create a bespoke url for you like that only perform this task. The first one may be more in line with our future LOD model, but the latter one may be easier for you. Let me know what you think and what you need and I can setup a test for you.

/ Hans

Yours sincerely, Team

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