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The Train - the workshop
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Tier 2 workshop-like session about the Train.

Purpose: to provide a near "hands-on" exposure to the train. Allowing participants to understand in more detail the actual steps in deploying code the WMF production environment, the monitoring for errors/issues, and how to resolve the issues that surface.

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One approach to this could be simply doing a live stream of the train on a regular basis vs a scheduled "workshop".

@thcipriani do you think this is something that someone on the RelEng team could build out and possibly host?

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Triaging the task from our workboard, feel free to adjust as needed.
See also T249151: The Train - an overview

On topic: a while back I ran some backport sessions over Google Meet. I think I done those when I have introduced the European slots for backport. It was well received by the few people that attended, definitely had cheers from Sam Smith. I am claiming that helped demystify how to deploy a code and show up that despite the super long documentation, the process itself is just a few commands and a lot of monitoring.

I am guessing running the train would be the same, we could surely have one of the experimented people from releng to run the train with a couple of people from product/technology and train them up. I am assuming it is relatively easy to nerd snipe people by just announcing:

Hi, come join me as I run the train at <some google meet url>

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